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Jinsha Museum

6.1km from hotel, taxi: 20mins, RMB 20

Jinsha Museum of Ancient Ruins is a specialized museum which was built at the original site of the ruins. It covers a total area of 5 km2, proves to be the ruins of the capital of the ancient Shu Kingdom from 12th century BC to 7th century BC.

The culture of the ruins is very much similar with Sanxingdui Ruins in Guanghan, and represents the brilliant ancient Shu culture 3000 year ago. As the site where the unearthed ancient ivory, gold wares and Jabe wares rank the first in China, Jinsha Ruins is indeed the most important archaeological discoveries in the 21st century in China. The unearthed gold plated "Apolo Bird" from the ruins is not only the symbolic sign of Chengdu, but also the symbol of China's Cultural Heritage.