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Temple of Marquis Wu

4.4km from hotel, taxi: 20mins, RMB 13

Chengdu was the capital of the kingdom of Shu, and it is now an important city for the history of the three kingdoms period.

The temple of Marquis Wu is situated in the southern part of Chengdu .It was built by Li Xiong of the Western Jin Dynasty in memory of Zhuge Liang, prime minister of the Shu kingdom. He was also known an Marquis Wu and renowned for his wisdom and dedication to duty. During the early Ming Dynasty, the shrine was merged with the Temple of Liu Bei, but the name of the shrine has remained the same. Renovations took place during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and the main buildings include Liu Bei Hall and Zhuge Liang Hall.

In the shrine there are 47 historic figures and sculptures of the Shu kingdom, some 40 steel and stone tablets, more than 30 plaques and dozens of ancient tripods, incense burners, bells, drums and other relics