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Wenshu Monastery

1.2km from hotel, taxi: 4mins, RMB 8

Wenshu Monastery is located in downtown Chengdu and it is, best of all, a Buddhist Monastery. Quite a number of art treasures and cultural relics are found in the monastery including the imperial book "Konglin" by Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, the stone Stele "Poetry of the ocean & the moon", more than 10 iron-made statues of Buddhist Doctrines Guardian casted in Song Dynasty, one piece of the famous Dang Dynasty Monk Xuanzhuang's head bone, one ten-thousand Buddha cassock from Emperor Chongzhen of the Ming Dynasty, statues of the Goddes of Mercy etc. Sichuan Provincial Buddhist Association and Chengdu Municipal Buddhist Association are also found in the monastery.