Robot V Jr.

They are fun, informative and interactive.
They are helpful and engaging.
Meet Dorsett’s very 1st robots - V Jr. at Dorsett Shanghai.

The 1st hotel within Dorsett Hospitality International to welcome two high-tech additions into the hotel guest service team, V Jr. offer guests the options to integrate business with pleasure.

V Jr. is equipped with voice and touch screen inquiry on hotel facilities and is able to provide local information from dining, shopping to exercise information; assist with catering events including sending invitations, guest registration, and even entertains during event break time with song and dance performances.

V Jr. is a delightful addition to Dorsett Shanghai and radiates Dorsett’s brand elements of being fun, playful, thoughtful, passionate, dynamic and flexible.

Robot V Jr. is manufactured by Tami Intelligence Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.