With a coastline stretching more than 34,000 kilometres, it's little surprise that Australia is home to some of the best beaches on the planet. From the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney with its vibrant city life and excellent surfing, to the modern beauty of the Gold Coast — there's a beach for every type of traveller.

Australia's coastal diversity extends far beyond these renowned destinations, spanning all four corners of the country. Whether you’re seeking sun and relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, Australia's coastline offers endless beach experiences waiting to be explored.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best beaches to add to your ‘vacay’ bucket list this year.

The Best Beaches in New South Wales

New South Wales is home to some of the best beaches in Australia, making it an ideal destination for a weekend escape. With its stunning coastline, lush greenery, and diverse range of beach towns, the region offers something for everyone. Here are three of the best to add to your holiday bucket list.

Byron Bay Beach in NSW

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Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a popular beach destination located on the eastern coast of Australia. It is famous for its picturesque views, crystal-clear waters, and incredible surf breaks. Whether you are looking to catch some waves, relax on the golden sands, or explore the surrounding rainforest, Byron Bay has something for everyone.

Enjoy coastal walks to spots like Cape Byron Lighthouse, explore vibrant local markets, and sample local flavours at the many beachside cafes and restaurants.

Central Coast

The Central Coast of New South Wales is home to some of Australia's most breathtaking beaches. From family-friendly spots to secluded coves, this region offers a diverse range of beach experiences. With options such as Avoca Beach, Terrigal Beach, and Copacabana Beach, you'll be spoiled for choice when deciding where to soak up the sun.

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

The soft, powdery sands of Hyams Beach have earned it a place in the Guinness World Records for its dazzling white shoreline, creating a striking contrast with the crystal-clear turquoise waters. This picturesque coastal gem is a haven for beach enthusiasts, offering not only a stunning backdrop for relaxation but also excellent swimming, snorkelling, and wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Best Beaches in Western Australia

Boasting over 12,000 beaches, each with its own unique character, charm, and breathtaking beauty, Western Australia's beaches are an absolute delight for beach enthusiasts. Here are just a couple that are well worth dedicating a day or two to.

Cable Beach in Broome, WA

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Cable Beach, Broome

Cable Beach in Broome is a true tropical paradise. Stretching for 22 kilometres, this beach is known for its glittering turquoise Indian Ocean waters, stunning sunsets and powdery-soft sands. Take a camel ride along the shore, indulge in beachside picnics, or simply relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Other nearby attractions worth a visit include the ancient dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point and the local markets — ideal for stocking up on unique handmade crafts and food.


Esperance is a hidden gem located on the south coast of Western Australia. Its pristine beaches, such as Lucky Bay and Twilight Cove, are often considered Australia's best-kept secrets.

With crystal-clear waters, dazzling rock formations, and the chance to spot wildlife such as kangaroos on the beach, a visit to Esperance is a must for any beach lover. Enjoy stunning coastal drives and the opportunity to explore nearby natural attractions like Cape Le Grand National Park and the incredible Pink Lake.

The Best Beaches in Queensland

Two women walking along Broadbeach

Australia's Sunshine State boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world. With its warm tropical climate, crystal-clear waters, and diverse coastal landscapes, Queensland's beaches are a paradise for beach lovers.

From the iconic Surfers Paradise to the trendy Burleigh Heads, here are the best beaches to visit when visiting the Gold Coast.

Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise is a world-renowned beach destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. With its golden sands and perfect surf conditions, it's a haven for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

The vibrant nightlife, shopping, and dining options add to the appeal of Surfers Paradise, making it a must-visit beach for young travellers looking for fun under the sun. Better still, local festivals and events take place throughout the year for a full weekend itinerary near the sea.

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads offers a laid-back and relaxed beach experience. Surrounded by lush national parks, this picturesque beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying a picnic with family and friends.

The famous Burleigh Heads National Park also provides stunning views of the coastline, making it a great spot for nature lovers. In addition to the beach and national park, Burleigh Heads offers a vibrant dining and shopping scene, with a variety of cafes, restaurants, and boutique stores to explore.


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Check Into Dorsett Gold Coast

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