A co-existence between Mother Nature and Mankind. An art deco mural project of Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with AK Jardin.

True to Dorsett’s Stay Vibrant promise, Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur collaborated with Manila-born visual artist, educator, children’s book illustrator Anna Karina Jardin in creating the vibrant art deco wall located at the Lobby of the Hotel.  The art deco mural titled BEYOND A BIRD’S EYE VIEW is more than just a conversational piece; and a selfie wall for guests of the hotel, the art deco mural highlights the importance of environmental stewardship depicted by the abundance of Malaysian floral and the synergy between humanity and Mother Nature – a testament to Dorsett Hospitality International’s on-going commitment in creating and fostering #positiveimpacts initiatives through meaningful partnerships and collaborations to meet guest satisfaction and community engagement.

Artist Statement

The presence of birds in the sky is a signal of abundance whilst the presence of birds in a concrete jungle is a reflection of our relationship with Mother Nature.

This mural is symbolical to our pursuit for progress as a society and our relationship with nature. It is a colourful statement of our shared values in safeguarding a balanced ecology. This neo cubism piece featuring the playful encounter of two birds are symbols of collaboration and resilience which are elements in sustaining success and innovation. The vibrant hues mirror the dynamic aspirations of Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur and its team, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to forging sustainable alliances and advancing environmental, social and governance initiatives through artistic expression.

About the Artist

Anna Karina Jardin is a Filipino artist and young woman leader in arts and community development based in Malaysia.

She has participated in myriad collective exhibitions across Asia, installed over 30 murals collaborating with diverse communities, and conducted various programs pointing to children, youth development and women empowerment through arts and cultural education which includes a work that echoed over 500 stories of courage, empowerment, and hope of girls across India in the city of Chandigarh, India in 2021; and a solo exhibition entitled “Tapestry of Femininity” at the Centro Eduardo Urculo, Spain presented by the ASEAN Committee in Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid in 2023.

She founded Artdialogo Asia, a collective that connects people, cultures and ideas through arts and arts education.  Among her recent projects include collaborating various Philippine Embassies across the world and Wisma Putra, Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, among others. Among her many recognitions and milestones include being named as one of the 80 National Young Achievers awardee by the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (2022), Youth Global Icon by Yuvsatta (India) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia (2022) and was a fellow of ASEAN Youth Fellowship Program by Singapore International Foundation and National Youth Council Singapore (2018).