Kuala Lumpur, 7th October 2018


As part of its 20th anniversary yearlong celebration, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur in support and celebration of the local community launched its first open stage session on 7th October 2018 (Sunday), serenading guests and friends with all day long entertainment ranging from music and song performances by some of KLites’ local hidden talents and artistes at the hotel’s Windows Lounge.

The event also represents one of the brand activation initiatives – depicting vibrant engagement and social connectivity under the umbrella of Dorsett’s latest global tagline “Stay Vibrant”. The hotel converts available spaces to welcome talented musicians, and later artists, craftsmen, or any other creative pioneers to showcase their passions at designated areas. Dorsett hotels live and breathe art.

Coming from a diverse range of music background, the upcoming talented performers sang a good variation of music genre from R&B, pop, rock to some soothing jazz tunes. All guests and friends enjoyed a casual and entertaining session on a pleasant Sunday afternoon at Windows Lounge, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur’s contemporary lounge and bar, some even singing along with the performers as they played some popular nostalgic tunes.

The Open Stage session also formed part of the Oktoberfest festivity happening in the city in the month of October.  Besides the artistic showcases, Windows Lounge offered special valued deli-to-go snacks and drinks such as assorted sandwiches at RM6 nett, chilled bottled juices each at only RM8 nett and fruit salad at only RM5 nett for the day. Apart from that, most guests indulged in some scrumptious Oktoberfest delicacies for the month such as Jumbo Bratwurst Sausage, Texas Hot Dog and Corned Beef. What’s best is that guests and friends could join the session without any entry charges.

By noon, most of the performers were all prepped up with their guitars and keyboards set up on stage. All of their friends and families came to support, while enjoying an array of food & drinks at the lounge. The hotel’s first open stage session started off with Monocort, the trio acoustic band with band members Ezri as the lead singer, Ery and Adli playing a range of pop rock music e.g. Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival, You and Me by Lifehouse etc. Followed by Lalaklandtuna, a duo acoustic band made up of Muhammad Aisar and Mohamad Afiq who sang more of the local’s favourites as their music is heavily influenced by pop music of Malaysian Malay performing artistes. Guests started taking out their mobile phones to capture the performances.

And there was Ariff Akhir, an entertaining singer, musician, songwriter, music producer and sound engineer who played some renowned R&B songs, guests started clapping and sang along with him to one of the local’s classical favourites “Widuri”.  Next it was Yasher Shafee, a singer-songwriter who has been singing at a very young age. He sang a range of blues and swings improvised creatively.

After several intervals in between, Fathee Mukhlis came in at around 4 pm to perform a mixture of R&B, Soul and Rock. There were more cheers and applauses from the audiences as more inhouse guests joined the crowd, attracted by the feel-good tunes while at the hotel lobby. We had another duet later – Keith Kamalaraj and his keyboardist Ravi who played some pieces influenced by music styles from Hendrix to Bon Jovi. The Dorsett Open Stage session wrapped up with Noel Allan, a singer-songwriter who is new to the scene.

All performers thanked Dorsett Kuala Lumpur for the wonderful opportunity to have them showcase their talents, and hope to have another #DorsettOpenStage session real soon.

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