A towering Diva sculpture dominates the hidden inner atrium at Dorsett Melbourne. A charming family of totems surrounds the totemic Diva, who is encircled by giant flowers that bloom with coloured light throughout the day and night. Marta Figueiredo drew inspiration for her design from a giant red dress worn by a couple of women - an opera singer and a violinist - during a very unique and immersive performance she witnessed while living in London - the Reddress by Aamu Song (FIN).

Marta states the dominating colour of red in the large-scale sculpture of the Diva depicts the idea of a powerful woman in the centre of the atrium. Marta also reflects on her Portuguese roots, and the gestures of Amalia Rodrigues, the diva of Portuguese Fado. During singalongs and ovations, Amalia was known for raising her arms in the air and closing her eyes in appreciation to the audience. Here, she finds her lifelong stage. Marta also sees the Diva sculpture as a lullaby singer who cradles the guests into sleep.

The Diva sculpture has delicate long arms with lanterns at the tips that appear to wave in the air providing softness while being attractively reflected in the black mirrored surface of the surrounding fa9ades. The three flower pods gravitate towards the Diva, representing the seeds of creativity that are sprouting from her. Each flower stamen has a lantern in the tip that lights the petals as the sun goes down. With this setting, the atrium will be converted into a delightful flora-based fairytale land. A garden of sculptures that will inspire a smile day and night!

About Marta Figueiredo
The scale and beauty of this blooming work by Architect/Artist Marta Figueiredo, with lighting scheme by lighting designer Edward Linacre. Marta Figueiredo is an Australian-Portuguese architect and multidisciplinary artist based in Naarm/Melbourne. Her work is playful and challenges ideas about design, architecture, standardisation, and inclusion. It prompts discussions about ways design can be a broader sensory experience.