Have you always wished you could bring your best furry friend to Melbourne for a glamorous city staycation? Or perhaps you’ve had to put up with spending oodles on doggy daycare while you travel for work. Whether your pup is just a travel buff at heart or if you need a four-legged companion out of necessity, Melbourne travel with dogs has just become that much better.

At Dorsett Melbourne, we’re thrilled to announce that we now offer dog-friendly hotel rooms! Bring your best friend along for the ride to spoil with the best Dorsett indulgences for the ultimate puppy-pampering stay.

While you’re in the city, you’ll probably be on the hunt for the best dog-friendly places to visit, too. To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best dog-friendly spots Melbourne has to offer, as well as some must-visit doggy cafés and hotspots.

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Distance from Dorsett Melbourne

Off-leash Dog Park

Eades Park, West Melbourne

13-minute walk

On-leash Dog Park

Buluk Park, Docklands

12-minute drive or 24-minute walk

On- and Off-leash Dog Park

Gosch’s Paddock, Cremorne

20-minute drive or 24-minute train and walk via the Frankston line

Off-leash Dog Park

Footscray Dog Park, Footscray

20-minute drive

Off-leash Dog Park

Victoria Park Dog Park, Collingwood

20-minute drive or 22-minute train and walk via the Hurstbridge line

Off-leash Dog Park

Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park, West Footscray

20-minute drive or 40-minute train and walk via the Sunbury line

Dog-friendly Café

The Angry Dog, West Melbourne

8-minute walk

Dog-friendly Café

Hardware Société, Melbourne CBD

10-minute walk

Dog-friendly Restaurant

Kirk’s Wine Bar, Melbourne CBD

14-minute walk

Doggy Daycare

Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, South Melbourne

15-minute drive

Top Dog-friendly Parks in Melbourne

Get your leashes, balls, and treats ready, because we’re about to open the gates on some of the best parks for your pooch to enjoy close to Dorsett Melbourne.

Before you venture out, be sure to take note of each park’s individual requirements, including on- and off-leash restrictions and surrounding areas that may not be suitable for your pet.

Dogs with their owners in a dog park

Eades Park, West Melbourne

A scenic 13-minute stroll from Dorsett Melbourne, discover Eades Park, an off-leash haven for your furry friend. A recent addition to the Melbourne cityscape by the City of Melbourne in 2022, Eades Park has proven extremely popular with locals and wider-Melbourne visitors alike.

This designated dog-friendly park features open grassy spaces, shady trees, a playground, and fitness equipment. Enjoy a scenic route passing through Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne's oldest parkland, for an extra touch of greenery.

This is an off-leash dog park within the fenced boundaries. Outside of the designated fenced space, you’ll need to have your pup on a secure leash.

Buluk Park, Docklands

Canine heaven awaits at the dog-friendly playground across from Buluk Park in Melbourne’s Docklands. Wander towards the river with Fido and be sure to hold onto the leash tight – you’ll likely get pulled towards all the exciting smells, sounds, and sights of this vibrant riverside precinct.

This leash-required space offers a mix of sandy and grassy terrain. Semi-fenced and equipped with a water bowl, it provides the perfect playful environment for dogs big and small.

Let your canine companion run through hollow pipes and bounce on concrete blocks while you enjoy the urban oasis in the heart of the city.

Gosch’s Paddock, Melbourne CBD

For dog owners who want to travel a little further afield, Gosch’s Paddock is the place to visit. This picturesque and expansive area combines both on- and off-leash areas for your pal to run to his heart’s content.

The two ovals nestled between Swan Street and Punt Road are on-leash, while the greenery in between is off-leash. Ideal for more adventurous canines, it's a favoured spot for cycling and running enthusiasts as well.

If your dog is a little put off by lots of activity, just be aware that this park is bordered by designated cycle and running tracks. It might be worth sniffing it out yourself before bringing your pup.

Victoria Park Off Leash Dog Area, Collingwood

Nestled in the heart of Collingwood, Victoria Park has evolved from the home of the Collingwood Football Club into a vibrant community recreation space. Whether you're a devoted Collingwood fan or a football enthusiast, this park offers a slice of heaven, adorned with informative historical boards.

The fenced football oval, community centre, public art, and sculpture create a dynamic atmosphere that dogs and humans alike will enjoy. When it’s not in use for sporting events, the oval is free for dogs to enjoy off-leash.

Make it a day trip and enjoy amenities like picnic tables, bins, water taps, and toilets on-site. Plus, complimentary four-hour parking is available in the surrounding area.

Prefer to explore the area? Victoria Park is close to some fabulous bars with outdoor seating that your pup can enjoy, including Range Brewing, Bodriggy, and Lulie Tavern.

Martin Reserve Fenced Dog Park, West Footscray

Take off the leash and let Fido run free at Martin Reserve Dog Park in West Footscray. When it comes to fenced dog parks in Melbourne, this is a great option if you’re happy to travel outside of the city.

An ideal option for larger dogs or those with plenty of energy to expel, this sprawling dog park has two secure gates, dog water bowls, and bag dispensers.

Enjoy a peaceful morning or afternoon among the trees while your pup chases balls, enjoys the smells, and plays with other local dogs who frequent this popular Footscray park.

It’s required to keep your dog on a leash when entering the fenced park, but once inside, let your pooch be free!

Dog-friendly Cafés in Melbourne

A dog and owner at a pet-friendly restaurant

Is your pooch more of a city dog than a park enthusiast? Don the leash and go for a scenic stroll through Melbourne, where you’re sure to find plenty of grassy areas, riverside sniff spots, and shady pitstops for both you and your dog to enjoy.

While you’re out and about, make a beeline for these delicious dog-friendly cafés and eateries, all within walking distance of Dorsett Melbourne:

Kirk’s Wine Bar, Melbourne CBD: For our sophisticated hounds, we recommend a visit to Kirk’s Wine Bar in the city. Enjoy fresh al fresco dining and European vibes as you indulge in a delicious wine selection, while Fido people-watches to his heart’s content.

  • The Angry Dog, West Melbourne: Café by day and cocktail bar by night, this Art Deco converted warehouse serves up the best coffee and puppuccinos this side of Melbourne.

  • Hardware Société, Melbourne CBD: Wander up Little Lonsdale Street and take a seat in the outdoor area of iconic café Hardware Société, which is gloriously pet-friendly. Be sure to order the baked eggs with a side of bacon to treat your furry friend.

Travelling With Your Pooch

If you’ve never travelled to Melbourne with your pup before, you’re in for a treat. Our beautiful city has so much to offer for dogs and humans alike, and what’s better, there are some helpful additions to the city that will make your trip that much easier.

Regional Victoria and Public Transport

Did you know that dogs can now travel with you on metro and regional train lines? Whether you’re heading out to one of the dog-friendly parks in Melbourne or you’re keen to venture further towards beautiful regional Victoria, your pup is now allowed to hop aboard for convenient public transport throughout the city and beyond.

Dogs must be on a leash and wearing a muzzle in order to travel by train. Don’t forget to check the PTV website for updated rules and regulations when travelling together on public transport.

Diggiddy Doggy Daycare, South Melbourne

While your furry friends can't stay unattended in your room at Dorsett Melbourne, we recognise that you might want to explore places that don’t allow pets.

Enter diggiddydoggydaycare®, a renowned indoor doggy daycare centre just a 15-minute drive from the hotel. Don't have wheels? No worries—simply hop in a pet-friendly Uber to ensure your canine companion has a delightful time.

Labrador on a hotel bed with a blanket

Stay in Style at Dorsett Melbourne

After all the fun with your furry friend, we know you’ll both want to return to a plush, comfortable, and stylish hotel room in the heart of Melbourne. We’re so excited to introduce our new dog-friendly hotel rooms here at Dorsett Melbourne as part of our pet accommodation package.

Treat your pooch to an indulgent doggy bed, water bowl, and Dorsett-style treats while you enjoy the cosy bedding and premium amenities we have on offer.

Book a stay for you and your fur baby and be among the first to experience our fabulous new pet-friendly escapes!