Melbourne, Australia's captivating coastal capital, is a city where cosmopolitan urban life meets the serenity of nature. While it's renowned for its art, food, laneways, and coffee culture, there's a hidden oasis within its confines — Dorsett Melbourne.

Indulge in world-class facilities, modern amenities, and a range of activities designed to help you unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re checking in for the night, or staying for the weekend, here’s how to make the most out of your stay.

What Relaxing Activities Are Available In Melbourne?

The heart of Australia's cultural capital isn't just about the theatres, galleries, and the famed coffee. For those seeking solace, activities in Melbourne are plentiful with various activities tailored to offer relaxation. With many of the best attractions, retail opportunities, and nature spots just a stone’s throw away from Dorsett Melbourne, here are just a few ways to up your relaxation game.

1. Enjoy The World-Class Facilities

Dorsett Melbourne isn't just another address in the city. It's an enclave where every facility is designed for the discerning guest. Whether you're keen on burning calories, pursuing wellness, or simply seeking a snug corner to relax, this place checks every box.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, a wellness advocate, or simply someone looking to unwind, you'll find something to enjoy. From a state-of-the-art Technogym facility, complete with high-end Technogym equipment, to our heated indoor pool where you can take a leisurely swim — we have it all.

2. Luxuriate in The Indoor Pool

Swimming pool with living walls

After a day navigating Melbourne's streets, nothing is more inviting than the embrace of Dorsett Melbourne's heated indoor pool. Guests can take solace in its temperate embrace, safe from Melbourne's unpredictable weather. Adjacent to the pool is the state-of-the-art Technogym, a haven for both the dedicated fitness enthusiast and the occasional exerciser.

Seek refuge in the sauna and steam rooms of the hotel, the ultimate way to loosen up tight muscles. Step into a cocoon of warmth, great for detoxification, boosting circulation, and melting away the tensions of the day. Meanwhile, the steam room is an oasis for your skin, cleansing it deeply and rejuvenating its natural glow.

3. Explore Local Activities and Attractions

Looking to unwind and relax in Melbourne? Start your relaxing day at the Abbotsford Convent, an arts centre nestled in tranquil surroundings. Explore the stunning gardens, roam the art galleries, or simply find a quiet spot to breathe in the peaceful atmosphere. It's the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon.

For beach lovers, Melbourne offers two fantastic options: St Kilda Beach and Brighton Beach. Sink your toes deep into the sand, soak up the picturesque waterfront views, and enjoy the gentle ocean breeze. Whether you’re a fan of traditional seaside towns or simply somewhere to throw down a towel and enjoy an ice cream or two, these beaches provide the ideal setting for a laid-back day by the water.

For a leisurely inner-city afternoon, head to Federation Square. This bustling public space is adorned with exhibitions, cultural events, and stunning architecture. Take a walk, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and soak up the energy of this iconic Melbourne destination (with coffee and snack stops along the way!)

4. Kick Back with a Cocktail (or 3)

Jin Bar, echoing the golden echoes of Victoria's history, serves as the ideal place to unwind. With its gold-infused decor and cocktails, you'll feel the rich tapestry of the Gold Rush era while sipping on artfully crafted beverages.

Couple sitting at Dorsett Melbourne Jin Cafè & Bar

Signature Cocktails to Look Forward To:

  • Your Morning Coffee: A sublime blend for coffee aficionados, this cocktail infuses coffee agave, coffee liqueur, and freshly brewed espresso, creating a tantalising drink that's both spirited and comforting.

  • Not So Old Fashioned: A modern twist on a classic, this drink amalgamates the smooth Starward Two Fold with warming cinnamon syrup, punctuated with bitters and enveloped in an aromatic cloud of hickory smoke. It’s nostalgia in a glass with a refreshing edge.

  • Gold Digger: A tribute to the glistening history of gold, this effervescent cocktail combines sparkling wine with the warmth of brandy, rounded off with the spiced notes of Angostura bitters. It’s opulence in every sip.

  • Jin Gimlet: A timeless concoction for the purists. The crispness of gin melds seamlessly with the zesty tang of lime balanced beautifully with a touch of sugar. Simplicity at its finest.

  • Miss Diva: A drink that commands attention, just like its name. The depth of cognac, the fruity allure of Chambord, and the effervescence of sparkling combine to create a cocktail that’s both luxurious and vivacious.

Each drink at Jin Bar is not just a cocktail; it’s a narrative, a tale of eras gone by, and a testament to the art of mixology. Dive into these signature creations and let your senses journey through Victoria’s illustrious past.

5. Find Your Inner Zen Zone

Step out and embrace nature at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens. Spanning 38 hectares, the gardens showcase a botanical tapestry from all corners of the globe. From the blush of blooming roses to the dense canopy of rainforest flora, it's a tranquil retreat that whispers the stories of nature.

The Gardens are a testament to nature's artistry and human dedication. Established in the 19th century, they have evolved into a living museum of plant life, with each section meticulously planned and maintained. As you stroll along its winding paths, you'll be treated to a symphony of colours, fragrances, and sounds.

Another nearby option is Flagstaff Gardens, which is nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne and steeped in history. Established in 1862, this majestic park stands as one of the city's oldest and most cherished green spaces. With its picturesque walking paths, expansive green lawns, and delightful playground, it beckons visitors to explore its manicured grounds.

Tips to destress and relax in Melbourne

Hotel guestroom at Dorsett Melbourne

Melbourne's rhythms can be exhilarating, but there's always room for a pause, a moment to breathe, and time to rejuvenate. To help you absorb maximum relaxation during your visit to the city, here are a few extra ways to take five before heading out on your next adventure.

  • Enjoy a Well-deserved Sleep-in: At Dorsett Melbourne, each morning offers a promise. Each guestroom features impeccable design and inviting bedding, assuring you of a peaceful sleep. When you wake, the invigorating rain shower sets the tone for the day. And if you choose, a lavish buffet breakfast awaits you.

  • The Best Buffet Breakfast in Melbourne: Port Bistro is the epitome of Melbourne's culinary spirit. From made-to-order dishes to a diverse spread of delectables, it promises an experience that tantalises the palate.

  • Unwind in The Wellness Space: The Wellness Space at Dorsett Melbourne is not just a place but an experience. Classes, workshops, and uniquely designed sessions beckon those who seek to restore their mind, body, and spirit.

  • Rest Easy, Recharge and Repeat: Dorsett Melbourne is not just a stay but a complete experience. With every facility under one roof, guests are assured of convenience, comfort, and pure relaxation.

What is the most relaxing place in Melbourne?

Without a doubt, your inner-city sanctuary at Dorsett Melbourne. While the city buzzes with its cosmopolitan energy, Dorsett offers a calming respite from the madness. But remember, the heart of Melbourne - Bourke Street, Little Collins Street, and Flinders Street — is just moments away.

Venture out and explore the urban tapestry, from the art at Hosier Lane to the treasures of the National Gallery of Victoria. And when the day is done, Dorsett Melbourne welcomes you back into spaces made to relax in.

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