SENSHI is the first contemporary Japanese à la carte buffet restaurant helmed by Veteran Chef Martin Woo and Team. It is the brainchild of veteran chef Martin Woo, Chef Steven Hong and team. Both were part of the team who developed the hospitality menu for Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. In addition, Chef Martin has worked with many celebrities and hosted many luminaries throughout his illustrious career.

At SENSHI, you will get  to feast like a warrior on the extensive range of Japanese dishes, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. Some of the headlining dishes here include Seafood Hot Stone Rice, Mussel Butter Monte with Herbs & Sake Mirin, Spicy Salmon Roe Sushi Roll, Lobster Salad Sushi and Chilean Seabass Steak Baked in White Miso.

As the seasons change, SENSHI will also tweak its menu to feature new dishes that reflect the mood of the changing times. The produce it imports are at the peak of their freshness. The restaurant is backed by one of the largest seafood and meat distributors in Singapore, a one-stop provider of a wide variety of products — from premium wagyu beef to gourmet seafood — that are recognised for their superior quality and freshness. After the indulgence, slide up to SENSHI’s bar where you can discover a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. The bar has an arsenal of beer, hard liquor and Japanese sake.