Dorsett Wanchai is one of the best quarantine hotels in Hong Kong with stunning views of the Happy Valley Racecourse. The anti- COVID-19 measures at Dorsett Wanchai are comprehensive to ensure that you can enjoy a safe stay.

Instantly earn 60 cash credits (=US$60) upon check-in by booking the starting package rate at HK$800nett per night!


For Check-in Date from 20 Jun to 31 Aug, 2021

ROOM TYPE ROOM RATE (inclusive of daily breakfast, lunch and dinner) EARN CASH CREDITS+  
Superior Room* HK$880 nett per night                             USD 65 
Premier Causeway Bay City View Room*# HK$1,400 nett per night  USD 103
Premier Course View Room*# HK$1,600 nett per night USD 118
Deluxe Triple Room with 3 firm single beds
(for 3 persons stay)
HK$2,000 nett per night  USD 148
Family Quad Room with 2 queen-sized beds
(for 4 persons stay)
HK$2,400 nett per night USD 177 
Executive Suite* HK$3,400 nett per night  USD 252 
Fitness Suite* HK$3,800 nett per night USD 281
*Each additional occupancy is subject to a supplement of HK$400 nett per person per night. The HK$400 includes HK$200 additional occupancy supplement and HK$200 additional meals.   
#Subject to room availability, if Premier Causeway Bay City View Room or Premier Course View Room is not available at time of check-in, room will be upgraded to Grand Deluxe Causeway Bay City View Room and Grand Deluxe Course View Room respectively.

For Check-in Date from 21 Apr to 19 Jun, 2021

ROOM TYPE ROOM RATE (inclusive of daily breakfast, lunch and dinner) EARN CASH CREDITS+  
Superior Room* HK$800 nett per night                             USD 60 
Premier Causeway Bay City View Room*# HK$1,200 nett per night  USD 88
Premier Course View Room*# HK$1,400 nett per night USD 103
Deluxe Triple Room with 3 firm single beds
(for 3 persons stay)
HK$1,700 nett per night  USD 125
Family Quad Room with 2 queen-sized beds
(for 4 persons stay)
HK$1,900 nett per night USD 140 
Executive Suite* HK$3,400 nett per night  USD 252 
Fitness Suite* HK$3,800 nett per night USD 281
*Each additional occupancy is subject to a supplement of HK$400 nett per person per night. The HK$400 includes HK$200 additional occupancy supplement and HK$200 additional meals.   
#Subject to room availability, if Premier Causeway Bay City View Room or Premier Course View Room is not available at time of check-in, room will be upgraded to Grand Deluxe Causeway Bay City View Room and Grand Deluxe Course View Room respectively.

+Book direct, enroll as our Dorsett – Your Rewards member for free and get the cash credits you deserve!
The cash credits will be readily available for your use during your stay for:


1000mbps via Dedicated Internet Access, supporting 10 devices at a time. 

We use "Whiz Gambit" the cleaning robot by Softbank and Avalon to deep clean carpets. The Whiz part effectively removes bacteria, virus, dirt, and hidden dust and battles airborne fungi to improve indoor air quality. The Gambit side is antimicrobial, reducing over 99.9% of the bacteria count according to ISO standards. SGS disinfect testing revealed a 99.9% efficiency against a wide range of pathogens, including the COVID-19 virus.


Robust Iot UV-C Air Purifier with H13 HEPA, Active Carbon Filter & UV-C light is 99.95% efficient in capturing PM 2.5 & airborne particles, and UV-C Sanitization to kill up to 99.9% of germs in the air. It also meets the requirment of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. 

To cut down on human contact, Rice the Robot is in use to assist our staff in delivering amenities to guests all over the hotel, in a delightful way.


  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (designated standard menu) are included in the package. Click to check out the Standard Menu. Vegetarian options, or other dietary requirements can be entertained with a min. of 72 hours advance notice to the hotel. 
  • Alternative meal arrangement at guest’s own expense – You may order from
    • a. Foodpanda (in partnership with our hotel) - an in-room menu that includes 13 best restaurants in town, featuring Japanese, Thai, Western, Vegetarian Indian, Halal, Michelin-recommended Cantonese cuisines…with over 100 items. Starting price from HK$30 per dish
    • b. Through any food ordering apps eg. Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Food Panda.
  • Family and friends may deliver food to you. Hotel staff will assist to pick up your food outside of the hotel and drop off the items outside your room. Service is available 24-hour a day. No service charge or delivery charge will be applied.

Free cancellation 14 days before arrival. Hotel will not levy any administration / handling fee on cancelled bookings.


We offer full refund if your flight got cancelled/amended, or you are denied entry by immigration, or associated with a confirmed case of COVID-19.


In the case that government changes the number of nights required for quarantine stay, and if that falls less than the number of nights you have booked with us, hotel will offer full refund for the extra nights you have booked.


To guarantee your booking, credit card details is required at time of reservations. Actual payment will be settled upon arrival.


Superior Room comes with sandblasted windows.


Mini fridge is available in every room.


Safety and hygiene is probably our strongest selling point with the use of AI technology and hospital grade cleaning detergent. Please check out our safety video


  • Minor aged under 18 years old can be accompanied or unaccompanied by an adult for quarantine. If unaccompanied, the adult should sign the “Consent form for unaccompanied person staying in Designated Hotel”. The adult should also physically show up to complete the registration and checkout procedure with the minor.

  • If the minor is to be accompanied by an adult during his/her stay, he/ she need to apply for conditional approval from the Department of Health by email to, before the arrival of the guests. The quarantine guests should bring a copy of such approval for the trip.

  • The accompanying person, after showing the approval obtained from the Department of Health and then signing the “Undertaking form for accompany person”, would join the guest at the designated quarantine hotel.

  • The hotel should return the form to the Department of Health by email to, failing which the quarantine guests may have to be relocated to other hotels or to the quarantine centres.

  • The above will be subject to change without prior notice according to the latest announcement from the Department of Health.

Dorsett Wanchai welcomes guests returning from all regions or countries (outside Mainland China and Macau) from the Overseas for quarantine.

Due to safety and hygiene reasons, check out time will be at 9am to allow sufficient time to do deep cleaning for every checked out room.

A 24-hour online shopping platform with a wide selection of grocery items, games and fitness equipment such as Move It Smart Gym, Switch Nintendo, Walking Pad… are available for rent or purchase, transforming your quarantine stay into a holiday. Guests may pre-order all the items before arrival HERE. The item(s) will be delivered to your room on your arrival (paid upon arrival directly to the hotel).   


• Only bookings made direct with the hotel are eligible to earn the Dorsett-Your Rewards membership points stated above
• Points earning is applicable to bookings that meet the starting package rate for different stay periods as specified by the hotel
• Cash credit’s value may vary slightly according to the prevailing hotel’s currency exchange rate
• The cash credit offer is valid until September 30, 2021
• In the event of a dispute, Dorsett-Your Rewards and the hotel’s decision shall be final

14 / 21 Nights Quarantine Full Board Package with Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Book 21-night stay from HK$800nett per night (inclusive of service charge) with the following benefits:

  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with designated standard menu
  • Free premium WiFi (up to 1000Mbps and 10 devices at a time) with Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) to ensure reliable and high speed connectivity
  • Free coffee/ tea maker

How Safe it is to Stay with Us?

New Normal . New Measures under COVID-19 at Dorsett Wanchai 

We partner with Ecolab, a global leader in infection prevention solutions and expertise, and use their Ecolab’s Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0* to comprehensively clean and disinfect high touch areas in public areas, as well as all guest rooms and air-conditioning system.

*Ecolab’s Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0 is a germicidal /virucide detergent effective in killing 30 pathogens. This product is registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency as reliable and safe.

Air-conditioning System
The air conditioner installed in our hotel rooms uses a fan coil unit system. This type of system places the unit consisting of the fan and the coil directly in the guest room. This means each guestroom have its own independent pipe, which connects to the main fan on the roof of all hotels, allowing fresh air to be drawn from the outside to each room, and through an air filter disinfected with Ecolab’s medical grade disinfectant.

Drainage and Ventilation
All drain outlets are regularly disinfected with 1:99 bleach water and the hotel sewage pipe system is discharged through an independent drainage pipe and vent system. Since there is an independent pipe supplying fresh air to each room, this prevents negative pressure on the airflow and the U-shaped traps from drying out.

Use of Technology
We use Whiz – the AI vacuum cleaner to deep clean carpets. It can effectively remove bacteria, virus, dirt, mold and hidden dust that cannot be collected by conventional human cleaning. In additional, we have installed an AI thermal scanner to detect elevated skin temperature in high traffic public areas.

Test Kits Available 24/7
Project Screen by Circle - The Covid-19 test kit is available for sales at the reception. This 'Do-It-Yourself' test kit has an analytical accuracy of 99.9% with results available within 24-48 hours with a daily laboratory cut-off time of 5pm.

Extra Comfort & Convenience
We have also launched a new foodpanda menu featuring a list of the city’s best restaurants to enhance our guests’ in-room dining experience. There are two vending machines fully-stocked with sanitizing amenities and daily necessities available for sale.

Our Standard Hygiene and Safety Guidelines

  • Momax Robust loT UV-C Air Purifier on every guest floor with:
    • H13 HEPA and Active carbon filters which are 99.95% efficient at capturing and removing airborne particles including PM 2.5 from the air;  
    • Ultraviolet-C sanitisation which is 99.9% efficient in disinfecting the air and killing germs;
    • PM2.5 high-sensitivity laser sensor to accurately monitor the standard of air quality on each floor and ensure air is being circulated and disinfected regularly 24/7
  • Using Ecolab disinfectant cleaner 2.0 to clean air con air outlet / return nozzle and dust filter every day
  • Housekeepers will use Ecolab disinfectant sprayer to sterilize every checked out room prior to new guest’s arrival.
  • Multiple disinfectant and anti-epidemic sprayers are installed within hotel areas
  • Increase the cleaning and disinfection frequency of public areas and facilities to once every hour
  • All public areas in the hotel are providing 70-80% alcohol-based hand rub/ gel for guest and staff use, and providing refill service for guests to use when going out
  • A dedicated queue for all arriving guests to take a body temperature scan and fill out a health condition and travel history survey
  • All staff on duty are required to wear surgical masks, and depending on the job function of the staff, further provide them with additional anti-pandemic equipment (including eye protection, protection gown and gloves)
  • All staff reporting duty will need to receive a body temperature scan

Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures

Dorsett Wanchai is one of the Hong Kong hotels with a series of anti-epidemic hygiene measures in place that are certified by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) under the "Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification Scheme", ensuring guests a safe and healthy environment. Click to see details.


TripAdvisor Reviews from Past Quarantine Guests 

Good quarantine facility

Stayed here for my 21 day quarantine and it was good. The food was good and the service was efficient. Would recommend for anyone doing quarantine. The view was also refreshing and the window opening was a big bonus.

- Ruth O (Feb, 2021)

Dorsett is perfect to spend quarantine time

Dorsett is a hotel that feels warm and comfortable even when I'm all alone spending my 10th day of my 21 days quarantine time. The very second day of my stay i was surprised by the hotel staff with a very sweet gesture of a planter with vibrant color flowers to take care of as stress buster. Every Friday the guests are treated so some yummy local desert. I was served mango glutinous rice dumpling and creams puffs. The staff are very courteous and helpful. For the 21 days stay the room is equipped with toiletries, extra bed covers, towels, large crate of drinking water bottles, good wifi speed, dish washing liquid, scrub (its polite to wash the plastic containers after the meal and leave it for garbage disposal), Great 3 meals (mostly its local delicacies) and a fruit, and a great view of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. There's even facilities such as renting a microwave oven, an exercising bicycle, an exercising stepper and much more on the Dorsett mart. I have another 11 days to go. I'll surely update with my last review.

- Shirley Dias (Feb, 2021)

21-day quarantine

The staff are very proactive and listening to our needs (eg. thick pillow, delivered breakfast before 8am as per senior's morning medication, etc), really impressed with coordinator Caroline Kwok, managers Zoe Su & Mr. Law and helper Annie.

- DayTrip791627 (Feb, 2021)

Very warm environment during the difficult time of quarantine

My first impression was the room was very clean and all necessary amenities were offered (even liquid toilet cleaner). Whenever you need anything more than what is already offered, you can make a quick call and they will bring them soon (usually within 30 mins). I arrived in the morning of Wed and the manager (Leo Ng) kindly informed me that I can enjoy live horse racing (which I had the view fortunately). It was fun, which made me forget about the quarantine for the moment. I also appreciate fresh air from an opened window.
I am such a light sleeper, so I usually wear 3M ear plugs during my sleep. I forgot to bring them and Leo (yes him again) bought me some pairs from a hardware store nearby the hotel. They were not a part of amenities so he personally got them for me. I sincerely appreciate his kindness.
The hotel occasionally provides surprising stuff to all guests that I feel like gifts. On the first day, I got a plant (yes with soil) with flowers of which only 1/3 were fully bloomed. I am enjoying watering them and looking them blooming more and more every day. On the last Fri, the hotel provided an afternoon snack which was mango glutinous rice dumpling. So far, the quarantine is going well. Thanks for the great hospitality!

- Rokoiha (Feb, 2021)