Kick back at the end of a day with a reinvigorating Dorsett Signature Cocktail or Mocktail. Our “tails” are so special that we can’t tell you what’s in them, just to say they include the finest ingredients. Try one the next time you are in Wuhan and stay with us.

Dorsett Hour

Dorsett Signature Drinks Cocktail & Mocktail

Free Drink

Operation hours: 6:00 pm– 7:00p.m. (Wednesday)
Venue: Dorsett Club (11F)

Dorsett Afternoon Tea
RMB 58 net/set
RMB 88 net/set
Operation Hours: 2:00p.m.–5:00p.m.
Venue: Dorsett Café (8F)

Dorsett Business Set lunch
RMB 68 per person
RMB 108 two persons
Operation hours: 11:30p.m. – 10:00p.m.
Venue: Dorsett Café (8F)