Dorsett Melbourne is a vibrant inner-city oasis that is more than just a place to stay. Our hotel is alive with art in every corner, celebrating the local talent and creativity that thrives throughout our community.

The artworks complement stylish interior design by renowned Artist Anna Flanders, who worked with five local Artists in Melbourne, George Goodnow, LucyLucy, Manda Lane, Jaz Mishap and Tayla Broekman, to bring the hotel's art vision to life.

Worlds Within Worlds
The entrance and Lobby Lounge artworks 'Worlds Within Worlds' reflect on the idea of an enchanted trompe l’oeil, where physics and logics are irrelevant. The depicted spaces are from another magical plane inviting the viewer to imagine a new world with all the possibilities: anything and everything can coexist.

Did you know that our entrance lobby mural comes to life with augmented reality? Scan the QR code found next to the mural, download the EyeJack app and augmented reality will activate! If you require assistance to utilise our augmented reality, please speak to a member of our team.

Expanding on the theme of ‘Worlds Within Worlds', the Jin Bar mirror invites guests to consider the mirror beyond a looking glass; to see worlds of grace and elegance that exist within oneself. The themes behind the work draw reference to Prudence in classical art, through the encouragement of mirrors as a source of self-knowledge and self-reflection. The decadence of the design, fusing nature together with the linework and colour intend to steer the viewer to see themself as an opulent product of the natural world, encouraging connection to one’s own internal reflection to explore the worlds of beauty inside of ourselves.Photography Icons

Photography Icons
The photography throughout the rooms and corridors is by Luke David. There are 13 different photographs. During COVID, Luke wrote a series of photography travel guides around Victoria, which are frequently featured as top guides by Google, and have been used by thousands of Victorians to travel around our state. Do you love what you see? You can purchase David's work here

The Diva Garden
For more information about the Diva Garden, please click here