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Cage-free Eggs: Happy hens for a happier planet

Food safety, quality, and animal welfare benefits are major concerns for the hospitality world. We believe that switching to cage-free eggs is a win-win situation to our health and to the hens’ health. Raising cage-free instead of inside battery cages provides egg-laying hens a better quality of life. Numerous studies have found that cage-free eggs have more vitamins and minerals and a better nutritional profile than caged eggs. 

Cage-free laying hens can move around freely and engage in natural behaviors, such as feeding, laying, resting, and dust-bathing. They can also make nests and fly. Battery cages are now banned as criminal animal cruelty throughout the European Union and numerous U.S. states.

At Dorsett, we have committed to adopt a 100% Cage-Free Egg Policy by 2030 across the group to make our supply chains more sustainable.