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Arts and Technology for Conservation (ALAN)

Art is being commonly used as an expression of emotional content by artists to evoke affecting response from the audience. It is not hard to see artists around the globe, using art as the platform, to express their views towards some serious social matters. With the use of technology, new art-making approaches such as NFT arts, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive art, projection mapping et cetera are developed, allowing artists to push the boundaries of ideas and creativity. New art forms entice curiosity and provide more engaging channels to convey messages, although one must be reminded that the creation of such usually consumes additional material and resources than conventional art forms. Under the growing consciousness in the art world, how does new art help to make a difference?

A Hong Kong based non-profit platform ALAN has an idea. ALAN stands for Artists who Love Animals and Nature, a charitable platform aims to gather artists and creative technologists who want to use their creativity and skills in art and technology as a bridge to connect with the mass public, in the work to help raising awareness in environmental issues and animal conservation, ultimately, to drive social change. ALAN brings like-minded talents and organizations to collaborate for a common goal.

“Technology consumes resources and energy. Arts tech usually are more “expensive” to apply, execute, install and maintain. We believe we shall not apply technology to our artwork for gimmick. It must carry a greater reason so we are not wasting resources.” - Anita Lam, Campaign Director from ALAN

If you are from Hong Kong, you may have noticed some of ALAN’s artworks. Known in the industry for its portfolio of distinctly interactive pieces — we’re talking AR-animated murals and interactive kinetic installations here — ALAN is constantly bringing about a new, digital-first approach to drive social change.

You can click here to explore more about their previous projects or follow their IG wearealan for their upcoming campaigns.