Finale of this journey

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The Collective (Arts Tech)

The Collective is a digital art and creative studio, co-founded by Anita Lam and Andy Stokes. Working at the intersection of art and technology, The Collective creates digital and living art forms, ranging from augmented reality, interactive installation, immersive experience to stage performance. Their approach puts human experience at the centre of technological development, with a strong visual impact and unique bespoke technologies. Their artworks have been exhibited in various international art festivals from Porlwi Light Festival at Mauritius to Apollonia Art Exchange in France.

Message from The Collective
We use our artwork to talk about things we care for, fusing technology to engage our audience for a unique experience to spark conversation. The pandemic is a wake-up call for humanity to come together as one. The past 2 years of physical isolation made us to realise that we are all connected. It inspired our team to demonstrate our current state using augmented reality for a dance performance, allowing our guests to enjoy the performance upclose without the artists being physically around. The Way We Share IG collection is created to accompany travellers as an encouragement for their desire to physically reach out to their loved ones and their dreams. These 14 short dances recorded our journey of growth and self realisations in the past 2 years of isolation. The Way We Dance is created to celebrate the moment we can finally create again. We invited artists from various background and nationalities together to create something unique to celebrate this special moment with our audience. This onsite performance is about the epiphanies we had over this pandemic and our wishes to become better.